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Overseas Trip to India

Overseas Trip to India

During my time in India I will be working with El Shaddai, which is a child rescue ministry rescuing children from all forms of desperate situations. Coaching4Christ have been working with El Shaddai for a few years now. When Stephen Crawford and myself where in India in February of this year, Matthew Kurian who formed the ministry, stated a desire to establish a sports club based on the structure of Coaching4Christ. Therefore I am going to work along side their coaches to help them understand and establish a football ministry based on the template of Coaching4Christ.

Initially I will be helping them establish a league and player development structure. They have also expressed a desire to begin a schools and slum ministry which I will also focus on. Most importantly, as at the centre of everything we do in Coaching4Christ, is the presentation of the gospel message, and I plan to share with the coaches how we share the word of God with the children and what it means to be a coach for Christ.

As Coaching4Christ partner with El Shaddai, I am very excited about what God is doing in India through this partnership.

Can I ask you to please pray for:

1 – the Indian coaches that God will have his hand on their lives, guiding and directing them.

2 – that God will provide more Indian coaches who know and love Him to expand and grow the work in India

3 – that God will provide us with many opportunities to share the love of Christ and pray that young lives will be changed forever through the power of the Holy Spirit.

4 – that God will be glorified in everything that I do in India.

Thank you so much for your support and prayers.

David Graham