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Fundamentals of Coaching Hockey Course

Fundamentals of Coaching Hockey Course

One of the questions we are often asked is, “What do you do for girls?” Our reply is, “Lots of girls come to our football coaching and enjoy it”, but yet we know what they mean when they ask the question.

The reality is many sports minded girls aren’t so keen on football as they prefer hockey. Being aware of this we as an organisation availed of the opportunity to learn how to coach hockey through the Ulster Hockey Union with the ‘Fundamentals of Coaching Hockey Course.’

This was a one day course which Michelle McMillen of Ulster Hockey taught in the C4C Centre on Tuesday 16th February. With eleven football coaches in attendance Michele covered a lot of material on the game of hockey but in the process giving each of us the task of coaching a hockey drill. While coaching techniques may be similar the application of it was very different with quite a bit of new terminology being used.

Within C4C we are always looking for new opportunities to expand the work and the desire is that this will help us expand into hockey coaching but as another tool to share the good news of the gospel. While hockey coaching might be new to us and we still have much to learn about hockey we are keen to introduce it into Primary Schools occasionally.

What we know is that it will not just help us coach girls something different to football, but also the boys with many boys very keen to play hockey as well as it is a sport very much played by both genders.