While C4C have over 40 full-time and part-time coaches there is the need for many more to help in the work, and this perhaps is where you can become involved. With varied interest and ability in sport each of our coaches have joined C4C chiefly because they want to see lives and communities transformed by Christ through sport.

The unity and fellowship among all coaches is a standout factor when serving God, and is a main reason for many who have initially joined us for a Summer Camp or Overseas Trip becoming more permanently involved afterwards. In taking your first step by joining us on an Overseas Trip or a Summer Camp it just might be the beginning of something that will bless you and many others for years to come.

Volunteer for a Summer Camp

Throughout June, July and August we partner with many churches throughout Ireland for our much loved 4 day camps (Monday-Thursday) which climax with a World Cup.

With a variety of daytime and evening camps there is plenty of opportunity to join with us in a camp that suits you time wise. Some of our camps are also residential where the coaches generally stay in the host church for the duration of the camp, and usually not at very much expense.

So if you are planning for the Summer of 2016 why not spend at least one of the weeks serving God with us? It’s great fun. It’s very rewarding. Best of all its reaching many with the gospel and puts you in a place where a child could ask you how they can be saved!

To get involved contact Stephen Crawford on 028 2587 8780 or email him at info@coaching4christ.co.uk.

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Volunteer on an International Trip

Throughout the year we have many teams of coaches travel to different parts of the world taking forth the gospel through football coaching. Over the past 10 years C4C have been traveling back and forth numerous times to countries such as Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Chile, Morocco, India, Spain, Serbia, Poland, Italy, Scotland and England. These trips vary in length of time, generally between 5 and 14 days.

If you are interested in joining us for one or more of the above trips please contact Stephen Crawford on 07748060110 or email him at info@coaching4christ.co.uk

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