Coaching4Christ started a new venture into hockey coaching in 2017. We coach girls of all ages, inspiring them to grow and develop both on and off the pitch. Our programme is aimed for both novice and experienced players ensuring anyone willing to try will grow in their love for the game. 

We work in close partnership with Ballymena Academy coaching their 3 rd XI and 4 th XI senior teams. After a highly successful year with the 4 th XI last year in reaching their cup final, both girls and coaches are excited for this new season ahead. 

An exciting development in our hockey this year has been the beginning of our Indoor Hockey 6’s. This is for 4th year to upper 6th girls and takes place in Ballymena North on Thursday nights. The girls are able to come and play competitive matches whilst working on their team building, hockey skills and their fitness. This gives us more opportunity to help develop important values and principles for all areas of their lives as well.

Why Hockey?

Physical activity provides so many benefits to health, not just physical but cognitive (being able to concentrate, make decisions), social (ability to interact with their peers) and psychological (increase in self-worth, esteem and confidence) benefits. For example, it helps them concentrate more in school, helps them make decisions, helps their ability to communicate to others, increases their self-confidence and self-esteem.

However unfortunately girls are one of the most underrepresented groups in sport, and because of this more and more girls are not getting involved in sport or dropping out with only 8% of girls are getting the recommended amount of physical activity. Through this hockey programme we are given the opportunity to create positive role models in sport for girls to look up to and help them develop a love for sport that will keep them participating in sport throughout their lives and therefore enabling them to receive all the physical, mental and social health benefits sport/physical activity provides.

There is no other school hockey programme like this, therefore there is both a need and an opportunity to be able to impact young lives for Christ, teaching them values form the Bible as well as being able to guide them in how to live a healthy, active lifestyle. Our programme has seen many girls pick up a hockey stick for the first time and grow in their love for hockey and playing sport. Girls who had never played hockey before are now part of their school hockey team which helps them to become more involved in their school community.

We have seen girls grow in their understanding and knowledge of God, come to faith and be encouraged in their faith. It has also created opportunities for older girls to get further involved with Coaching4Christ through coaching opportunities and Purpose Girls, equipping and empowering them to serve.

Why would you want to get involved?:

If you have a passion for hockey and want to see young girls develop the same passion for the sport and for God then you need to get involved.

Watch them grow in their relationship with God, confidence, self esteem (both on and off the pitch) and ultimately grow as people. Girls need positive role models to look up to and be inspired by, they need people in their life you can point them to God, and disciple them, being a witness and leading by example. If this is on your heart, please contact us to get involved.

Do you want to play?

Girls Indoor Hockey (6-Aside)

Thursday nights from 8:15 – 9:30pm

Year 11 – Year 14 girls

Ballymena North Centre

Starting – October 3rd and running for 8 weeks.

To register your 6-Aside team contact Erin on 07703383965